Pt Raghunandan Sharma
Bhrigu Shastri
68, Railway Mandi,
Hoshiarpur, Punjab,
Pin 146001

124 stanhope parkway,
stanhope gardens 2768,
Sydney Australia



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Today a huge part of this holy Granth exist with the family of late Pt. Janardhan Dev Sharma S/o Pt. Des Raj Sharma. Pt. Janardhan Dev Sharma devoted his full life in spreading the glory not only in India but throughout the world. There are tones of paper consisting of Bhrigu Samita Granth says his great great grandmother who was a great Sanskrit scholar of that time. Once she brought something in the market that came wrapped in paper. That paper was a part of Bhrigu Samhita. Realizing it she went to the kabariwala (Junk Dealer). Pt. Des Raj Ji then laid down his full life in compiling the whole Granth till he was fully satisfied. There is a large pool of data bank where all the horoscopes are preserved. Each paper of the Granth has been laminated and all the necessary measures have been taken in preservation of the sacred Granth.
At present the glory of Bhrigu Samhita is carried by Smt Satish Janardhan Dev and her son Pt. Raghunandan Sharma. Huge number of people from near and far have been benefiting with the readings of the Granth. Today the city of Hoshiarpur is well known the world over for this very Granth.

For those intrested, you must visit the centre or contact Pt. Raghunandan Sharma for further proceedings. It may take time to find your reading, but it happens when the time is right or when Bhrigu ji reciprocates with your prayers/desires. Theses are direct words of the Godhead himself, and they are revealed in the heart of one who approaches with, and follows the words with, faith.

Obviously, if one experiences this divine source, and if one follows the path Maharishi Bhrigu outlines, one's material and spritual lives are greatly benefited. This is divine and devotional exchange between you and a great mahatma, not material astrology meant to satisfy whimsical desires.